ESM Virtual Congress Programme


   Monday 28 June 2021      

10:30 (CEST)

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Opening session 
Chair: Daniela Maria Cirillo, Nicola Lore
Introduction by chair
: Opening Keynote: Lalita RamakrishnanCambridge University
TNF, a double edged sword in TB.
Introduction of the award
:  Gardner Middlebrook Award 





Session 2: New frontier in next generation sequencing
Chair: Igor Mokrousov, Egor Shitikov 
GL03: Galo Adrián Goig, Swiss TPH, Basel
Applied genomics for tuberculosis diagnosis and surveillance

OR01: Faramarz Valafar, San Diego State Univeristy
Exact Mapping of Illumina Blind Spots in M. tuberculosis Genome for seven popular Illumina workflows
OR02: Arash Ghodousi, San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Milan
Unravelling the missing link between Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Mycobacterium canettii in Ethiopia
OR03: Guislaine Refrégier, Université Paris-Saclay
CRISPRbuilder-TB, reconstructing the CRISPR-Cas Locus of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex using short reads archives (SRA) and tracking genome evolution





Session 3: Host pathogen interaction
Iñaki Comas, Leen Rigouts 
GL04: Sarah Fortune, Harvard T.H. Chan
Systems Approaches to Identifying Bacterial Determinants of TB Infection Outcomes

OR04: Thomas Gutsmann, Research Center Borstel
Interaction Between Host Defence Peptides and Mycobacteria
OR05: Paula Ruiz-Rodriguez, Institute for Integrative Systems Biology (I2SysBio), University of Valencia-CSIC, FISABIO Joint Research Unit Infection and Public Health, Valencia
Defining antigenic variation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis ecotypes
OR06: Davide Cossu, Juntendo University
BCG vaccination promotes neuroprotection in EAE via IL-10 secreting CD8 T cells


Tuesday 29 June 2021


11:30- 11:45

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Opening day 2 
Chair: Stefan Niemann, Matthias Merker
Introduction Gertrud Meissner Award
:  Gertrud Meissner Award presented by Borstel research center

OR07: Marc Rodrigue, Biomérieux
Vidas TB-IGRA: a new, fully automated, diagnostic solution for Tuberculosis infection.
OR08: Agathe Jouet, Genoscreen, Lille
Deeplex Myc-Lep: a targeted next-generation sequencing assay for the detection of drug resistance and genotyping of M. leprae directly from patient biopsies
OR09: Viola Dreyer, Research Center Borstel
Transmission of pre-XDR/XDR-TB in Mumbai Metropoliton Region, India



13:15- 13:30

13:30- 13:45

Session 5: Clinical trials and new drugs
Chair: Troels Lillebaek, Dorte Bek Folkvardsen
GL06Michael Hölscher, LMU University Hospital, Munich 
Multiple novel TB drugs on the horizon – how to combine them to an effective regimen?

OR10: Riccardo Alagna, San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Milan
Handbook for capacity building and site readiness assessment for tuberculosis platform trials
OR11: Samuel Modlin, San Diego State University
Structure-aware functional annotation identifies function of hundreds of M. tuberculosis proteins, enhancing functional interpretability of resistance screens.
OR12: Matthias Merker, Research Center Borstel
Design of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis treatment regimens based on DNA sequencing



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14:45- 15:00

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15:15- 15:25

Session 6: Biomarkers
Chair: Vlad Nikolayevskyy, Daniela Maria CIrillo

GL07Morten Ruhwald, FIND, Geneva
Bright Side of the Moonshot - TB diagnostics after the pandemic

OR13: Amandine Sury, Sciensano, Brussels
Identification of drug resistance levels using RNA biomarkers-based DST 
OR14: Hellen Hiza, Ifakara Health Institute
Case-control diagnostic accuracy study of a non-sputum CD38-based TAM-TB test from a single milliliter of blood
OR15: Charlotte Genestet, CIRI, ENS, Université Claude Bernard, Inserm U1111, CNRS UMR5308, Lyon
Within-host genetic micro-diversity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and the link with tuberculosis disease features

Closing of the meeting by Daniela Maria Cirillo